Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project being revived

It's been quite a while since my last post, but I am still alive and well.   I have been exploring Unity 3D recently and I find the graphical results and ease of use compelling to say the least.   What this means is that I will replace Apocalyx as the GUI and Unity will take its place.   I am currently searching for some animators to make a few toons for the game I have in mind and have had for the longest time.   Unity also has integrated Networking, which means that it can very simply update game objects without further code.   So, what would be left for the SMASH framework then ??   Well, I will go through Unity's features to understand the basics first, then I will check the networking part, which already allows for many basic things during game play; what Unity does not do is store User Data, toon data, quest info, etc .  So I will be using the framework to store persistent info and probably chat will still go through SMASH.   It may however be, that I throw everything out of the window and merely do a SQL pass-through, we will see, once I am done checking out Unity's network features.   So we will see what we end up with.   I'll link next time maybe a screenie or 2, although my graphics still don't look very sophisticated.

Now as to the why I got side-tracked for a while there, I have had many personal things going on that left me no room for this project and although I love Apocalyx I found it a bit hard to be doing GUI + server side + graphics + animations at the same time.  And I am not talking down Apocalyx, Leo is awesome, his engine rocks, but I faced the problem with the characters that I had to source rotate the axis for each upon import and then keep moving them according to this, which was a mess for me and my limited abilities to think in 3D, Unity for example allows you to rotate an object ONCE and then move it like it was born there a kind of rotation of origin, which is way easier to do and I can do my terrain edits right within the GUI, also to do a game GUI is so much easier in Unity.   So with that I will sadly discontinue Apocalyx and make my way through Unity from now on.   I DO wish to end up with a playable game, but I could not handle all the work in the previous settings.   I can already make small games in Unity, which is encouraging.  So, once I get a few animators and I am through with networking, I guess, I will have more to show for.   Oh and btw, I can even publish let's say parts of it, by publishing Unity as a kind of flash applet on this page, so stay tuned and sorry for the looooooong delay.  

After that I'll be back with state machines and such, I need to find out where Anne will now fit in, poor Anne.

Cheers and until next time.