Friday, March 14, 2008

First benchmarks

We have conducted the first couple of test series on a single-core notebook (sc), a dual-core notebook (dc) and the PS3, where creating 10'000 users takes 1:11 min., 0:22 min and 0:42 min respectiviely. We then proceeded to send chat messages between the 3 systems and the results are similar in ratio. What is very apparent is that the PS3 displays the text relatively slowly, so in my opinion given that the CEL processor should be very superior to the dual-core it seems that the display is what makes it slow. We will conduct a modified test series, without the display part to check on performance. There is also the aspect of the hard disk performance, but the both series, user creation and chat showed more or less the same difference and user creation requires hard disk access, while chatting does not, so the difference of the 5400 rpm on the PS3 and the 7200 rpm on the dc do not seem to make that much of a difference.

Last not least, it may be that Erlang is not really optimized for CEL processors and maybe it does not distribute the processes correctly, but our personal appreciation is that the display is the bottleneck.

We will see what happens next.


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