Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's next ??

Alright, it's 2008 and I finally have some time to come back to the SMASH project. One of my goals was to buy a PS3 and install Linux on it, so at last I got me one and I will install Yellow Dog on it this weekend. Why a PS3 ?? The processor of the PS3 has internally 6 cores that are ready for use and it is said to be a very powerful server, so I will set up Erlang on it and see just how fast it goes. Erlang recognises multiple cores, so this should prove to be a powerful combination, a dual-core versus single-core scores about 40% speed increase, so 6 internal cores should make quite a difference. I will post how it went, both installation and benchmark.

I am also working on the TCP/IP server and I should soon have a first first alpha server up and running where people can connect to (probably a pretty empty world).

See you soon.


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