Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There is a bug in the electrical system !! (Agent J)

With the new functionality in place some rewrites were necessary and some debugging of course, *sigh*. It's impressive how many bugs one can find in his own code, I did quite some trouble shooting these days and I have finally found some strange disconnect errors, where a client would randomly DC for no apparent reason, but my latest stress tests with a couple of test clients bombarding the SMASH framework are keeping up nicely, so after the first 30 Mio I will make the audacious assumption that the bugs are now gone, the counter will hit 100 Mio sent messages across the system by tomorrow, I hope for the best =) !! Good news also is that the system is much faster than before and the KVS is shining in our quest for speed lookups. Hmmm, now I will need to read about LUA code again and prep that Apocalyx client for testing.



P.D. 100+ Mio messages ran through SMASH and it keeps running and running, the bugs have been eliminated and the framework is now more than ever a stable multi server soft real time messaging system, so far so good. =)

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