Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unintended and useful feature

As mentioned in the PD below now that both modules KVS and KVS2 are working it is very easy and actually extremely useful to integrate both. I believe the best way to do that is to make KVS post into KVS2 and once the cache is expired, delete the data again, hence creating a distributed "short term memory". This looks like complete awesomeness for NPC memory data, imagine a NPC being killed over and over by the same player, he could remember him for a while or to avoid NPC grieving, maybe it elevates its level each time, quest givers remembering for some time who visited them, a reminder when somebody casts a spell or the spell cooldown time. Sounds like fun and it was fairly easy to implement, too. A couple of lines to check for KVS2 and then shoot the data to it. It had not occurred to me before, but our brain also has like 6 different memory types, so why not simulate it. And of course, the data is replicated to the other nodes that run KVS/KVS2. Now I am almost ready to replace mnesia.

And on another note, since I migrated to Ubuntu, programming is so much more fun, this is how my desktop looks like, you can see the cube spinning with an aquarium in the mid, a text windows for code edition and on each plane a separate Erlang VM, very nice, programming in 3D, not on the level of Swordfish, but well almost. Oh and the background is made from an Stargate Atlantis "the Sunken City" wallpaper I modified to become a very nice looking seamless skydome.



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