Monday, April 21, 2008

48 hours of endurance

Alright, not much to report for now, except for some minor changes on the Observer side, which did not catch all required objects. And the channel management requires a major overhaul, whisper commands currently trigger being subscribed to that channel, which isn't exactly desirable, meaning that we will require authorization management, ouch. That's a major CG (chat group controller) rewrite, but anyway.

And now to the 48 hours test: yes the server holds up. The caching Key Value Server (KVS) makes the whole thing fly and no messages pile up, things have never been so fast, it does not matter where a client connects to, the SMASH framework relays the messages blazingly fast to other nodes, so we know by now. This concludes stability and speed tests for the time being.

Leo, if you are reading this, I sure hope that Apocalyx permits me to create each 3D object as a table entry and not just as a variable, like your examples showing variables like avatar0 - avatar6 and so on. I will be needing to create a LUA table and put each avatar as one entry and then update that table. I guess once your new Gun Tactyx is out I might try to "socket" it and permit people to connect to a fighting event, we'll see, so now back to learning Apocalyx. And yes you should be able to see some kind of graph here soon, to reflect what we got so far.

Stay tuned,

EDIT: I shortened the post.

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