Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuning to perform

The initial performance is being tweaked, while not bad we feel, that more can be done here regardng message passing and some first strange errors have appeared, no showstoppers, but something to deal with.

Also under current analysis is how to proceed with zones and where players show up, should one player appear in the next zone when he is close to the next one, that would mean like overlapping zones and if a player is in the center he only reports his position into one if he runs towards a corner he would potentially run into up to 4 overlapping zones ... or is it better to make smaller zones and always send the coordinates into all surrounding zones, which would mean always to transmit into 9 zones. Zones could also be done through range lists and handle everything like one large zone. In order to determine this, Apocalyx will be required, so next steps must include a graphical frontend already. More coming soon.

Work in progress (WIP) of the To-Do List:
* Create an action plug in template [easy / pending]
* Internal user registration (to avoid same user on several nodes) [easy / partially done]
* Cluster behavior [medium
/ pending]
* Zone Simulation Manager [medium / WIP]
* TPC/IP server with authentication [medium / WIP] + protocol converter [medium / WIP]
* TCP/IP test client [medium / WIP]
* Apocalyx integration [medium
/ pending]
* Master node [hard / WIP]
* NPC scripts [hard
/ pending]
* Subscription Server [hard / partially done]
* Interrealm connector [hard
/ pending]


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