Monday, May 19, 2008

And the changes go on

There hasn't been much to show for the moment and for some reason. In order to progress on the GUI side it is much required to be able to know, who is present on the channel, so any object present in a zone needs to report it's there, so the CG was modified and now responds with the names of everyone present, this will now require an object database, where you can then look up what's what and who's who, so the client knows what to draw, most likely it will inquire each CC object to avoid DB lookup penalties. Once that is done, we can now proceed to create the SIM Object table on Apocalyx.

Also, another change was made to the CI routine, the one that compiles and installs new code on all connected servers, it now recognizes all Smash processes on all nodes and updates those processes that run old code, it does that by swiping the processes on all nodes and sending upgrade signals to the "old ones", just as a fail safe to make sure that all processes are ready for upgrade anytime. Updating the whole system in runtime has never been safer, remember that one of the goals is to update the system without ever shutting it down. And to all Erlang veterans: this is about a 1000x easier than using the OTP way, which requires a doctor degree to make upgrades happen. In this system just open a node for compiles, debug your code changes until no errors occur in the shell (or else running processes bomb out as per Erlang VM specs) and then type "ci()", which will distribute and upgrade all code on all nodes, now THAT is easy.



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