Monday, May 12, 2008

Testing a BSP level

As stated before, the next updates will be somewhat slower because of the obvious learning curve to understand LUA & Apocalyx. Some work has been going on to create a login screen, which is still incomplete, but it's underway at least a first glance: the background comes from the gui.lua demo and is using the GLGooey for the dialog (so far). The background will change, the important things is to try that GUI out.

As I tried to adapt a city level BSP, I ran into some noob problems, but fortunately Leo (creator of Apocalyx) helped promptly to solve them [ Thanks again Leo ], so here is what the same soldier looks like in a city:

What you see here is Leo's city from Urban Tactics. The toon's position now gets transmitted automatically every 200 ms whenever the position is marked "dirty", meaning, that there was a change and the 200 ms is the minimum interval permitted by Smash, send more often and your client will be in trouble, because the sockets are blocked for 200 ms (to avoid flooding) on the server side.

Currently underway is making the login work and creating the table structure for all network created objects like other players, NPCs, cars, trees, grass, boxes and whatever comes to mind. I am thinking of make certain objects client persistent, so the server sends those persistent objects once specifying model, position, orientation, size, expiration and an object name and all the following times the client only checks those objects by expiration date and object name only, instead of downloading the full set of data again, once I get the object table in place that is.

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