Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Load Balancer is ready for prime time

The Apocalyx frontend is not yet ready, I am still messing around with that and well it's not showing yet anything, but soon, very soon. BUT, the Load Balancer (LB) is ready to be integrated into SMASH. The LB will check for speed on each connected node and how many processes are running, then it calculates what that means in terms of availability for the cloud. This game is a zero sum game, but for the final evaluation, every single node will count, negative values are not permitted, then the total percentage is done. For the end user there are 2 procedures to be called, remote rpc (rrpc) and remote spawn (rspawn). rrpc will spawn a procedure remotely and wait max. for one sec for the result or rspawn will spawn a procedure remotely and return the PID, in case that the procedure takes longer or you need to spawn a server. Those 2 procedures should do for the generic cloud service. This might even mean a strong impact on the Simulation itself that will run on the framework, the initial idea was to run a zone one a single node, but with the LB there is really no need for any kind of restriction, you could run the Sim threads all over the place. Let's see what that does for the framework :) .



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