Monday, May 5, 2008

Still working on a first Apocalyx front-end

Well, Apocalyx LUA is tougher than envisoned, we are still trying to produce a first GUI, but just not ... yet. A couple more days I suppose. So far we merged the MD3 demo with the network demo and the mini applet connects to the server, authenticates and the soldier runs around in circles, you can send position data at the push of a button and that's it so far. We are still fighting with the camera, which just won't stick to the avatar, but well. What's clear is that we need somehow a channel manager that logs who is on each server channel, so newcomers can query for other objects in the gaming world or we need to expand the CG threads to report that info back per node, it would be less error prone if something fails. And also required now is a vocabulary check at the socket server level, to filter out what commands a user can utilize, remember that users should be able to do different things according to their profile and/or authorizations. Also maybe a filter should be implemented that allows only one command of a certain category, like movement, chat, whisper, change equipment and such, or users might wanna cheat sending several movement commands at once and move faster than allowed, so that needs to be taken care of.

So the next steps for the week to come are:
* Sending Apocalyx movement, orientation, char and chat data around a chat channel
* Chose a BSP scenario, not just a blank endless terrain, maybe Genoa or city.bsp
* Modify CG behavior to include a report on who is on that channel
* Command permissions per user level and/or specific user
* Filter multiple commands to avoid cheating (+fix a CC send bug)

And that's plenty for now.


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